Removing the Impossible

Doing more with less involves removing the impossible from every part of the construction process – and in so doing, creating an entirely new industry. Through design manufacture construct, Blox has been eliminating inefficiencies and silos, creating a new standard in building delivery. This approach focuses on creating high-quality, efficient buildings with minimal waste and resource use. By continuously refining our method, it becomes possible to produce buildings that are twice as good, twice as fast, and twice as sustainable. This methodology relies on a team of architects, engineers, designers, and manufacturers working together to simplify complexity and solve challenges at every step, demonstrating that effective and sustainable construction is attainable and beneficial across various scales.


If you want to do more with less, you're gonna have to remove some things. Some things our industry didn't even think was possible. And that's exactly what we've been doing for the last 10 years. Removing the impossible from every part of the process. Designing, manufacturing, constructing, not trying to change an industry, but quietly creating a new one. One without silos, without inefficiency, without complacency. One that does more with less beautifully. It's not just a method, it's a machine that we continuously refine to make buildings twice as good, twice as fast, and twice as sustainable and to run. It takes an army of unconventional talent, architects, engineers, designers, manufacturers, makers, doers, all working together, driven to remove complexity and solve the unthinkable at every step. Because what we're building isn't impossible and simple a better way.