Help Us Build Something New.

Ideas alone don't change the future. People do. We're in search of talented minds who have the audacity to believe they can help us change the world.

DMC is our symbiotic, rapidly-iterative method that weaves together every part of the process.

Hybrid Talent.
Seamless Results.

Architect? Designer? Engineer? Manufacturer? Programmer? Craftsperson? Construction manager? Tradesperson? None of the above, but a good problem-solver? All good. No matter who you are, if you're smart, intellectually rigorous, prone to boldness, and have a relentless spirit, we should connect. Rather than hire specialists that never venture outside of their cubicle or craft, we’re pioneering a new way to hybridize talent across all aspects of the DMC process.

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Keep Learning.
Never Stop Improving.

We have a simple talent philosophy: the more you know about the process, the better you are at anticipating challenges at different steps in that process. That’s why everyone that joins our team will learn all aspects of the DMC process. Designers will learn manufacturing. Engineers will learn design. Craftsmen will learn engineering.  After two years with us, you will know more about design, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, construction, delivery and assembly than you could possibly imagine.

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Removing the Impossible.

Any difficult task is only considered impossible until someone conquers it for the first time. At Blox, we set out to do the unthinkable in the construction industry: to redesign an entire industry from the very foundation.

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DMC career tracks

In our pursuit of removing silos in the construction industry, we’ve come to realize that those silos have to be torn down in the way we approach employment, too. So, whichever path brings you to us, your career path will be curated to provide deep subject matter expertise coupled with a broad horizontal education that connects Design to Manufacturing to Construction.

Guiding principles

Always be learning.

Everything should be as simple as possible, not simpler.

First, understand the problem.

Iterate for clarity.

Plan well, but act.

Be slow to think and fast to act.

Make new mistakes.

Don’t waste stuff.

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Our Core Values

Making Things Better

We attract the type driven to make the world better. We want our clients to be stronger, our communities healthier, ourselves smarter.

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Intellectual Rigor

We believe in being prepared. It starts with a deep understanding of the problem and the conditions our solution must address. We strive for clarity and simplicity.

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Boldness is our fuel. Creating a new industry takes a whole lot of it. We push boundaries and break molds. It's the spirit that drives us to leave the world in better shape than we found it.

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When we get knocked down, flattened, run over, we pull ourselves up. Like Sisyphus, we keep pushing our rock up the hill because we know that's where the rock belongs.

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Ready to make the impossible possible?

Good. Let’s get started. Learn from some of the best in the industry while enjoying competitive pay, health insurance, 401K, profit sharing, vacation, and the chance to be part of building an industry from the ground up. Join us.

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