Building Blox.

Ranging from architecture and design to manufacturing and construction, we aggregate multiple disciplines to reinvent an industry that extends back more than 50 years.


Blox was born from architects, not manufacturers. Founded in 2010, Blox was created to pioneer the DMC methodology and turn the theory into a reality – becoming the first DMC OEM and the first DMC Tier 1 supplier. Now, it is the largest manufacturer of healthcare buildings in the US, with over 600 employees working in over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space and installing more than 10,000 medical modules.

Blox is made up of an integrated group of designers, engineers, programmers, technologists, manufacturers, builders, specialists, operators, logisticians, and contractors working together to create, define, test, iterate, codify, and train the concepts of DMC. Simultaneously, Blox is delivering innovative high-performance healthcare buildings to the best healthcare systems across the country.

By demonstrating how to successfully apply the DMC principles in a high-pressure commercial setting, Blox intends to attract newcomers to DMC, expanding the ecosystem capacity and creating a sustainable industry.

“Unresolved constraints leave operators doing either the wrong thing or doing nothing. Through our philosophy of continuous learning, we equip our leaders to act quickly to remove these constraints.”

Laura Donald
Chief Operations Officer


Make things that strengthen our clients, enhance our communities and advance our professions  


To create a DMC industry, without silos, that does more with less, beautifully


Chris Giattina, CEO and Founder
Founder & CEO

Architect. Manufacturer. Constructor. Pioneer. Chris has become a new type of master builder. An industry futurist focused on improving the quality, function, form and speed of the built environment, he leads the team developing Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) system to deliver healthcare buildings across the United States that can be delivered like products from an engineered platform. Chris has degrees from Georgia Tech and UPenn, has authored multiple patents, and speaks nationally on the topic of building an industry without silos that can do more with less, beautifully.

Laura Donald, COO and Co-Founder
Co-Founder & COO

As a co-founder of Blox, Laura is a driving force behind the implementation and operations of the Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) system. Under her leadership, the company has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its workforce from 15 to over 600 employees while sustaining a 65% Compounded Annual Growth Rate year-after-year. As an accomplished architect and seasoned manufacturer, Laura deconstructs operations through unconventional means, harnessing the power of design thinking to de-silo operations and manufacturing so that construction is simpler. She holds a Master's level Lean Management Certification and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Auburn University.

Christy Thomas, CFO
Director of Design Operations

An architect and designer by trade, David is a catalyst for design thinking throughout the entire DMC process. As the Director of Design at Blox, he leads a diverse team of architects, designers, and engineers in the design of building prototypes and their conversion into manufacturable products, continuously improving Blox’s product platform. Prior to joining the team in 2007, David has degrees from Harvard University and Auburn University, where he contributes academically as a design critic and visiting studio professor.

David Austin, Director of Design Operations
Director of Program Management

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Walker is responsible for overseeing the company’s multiple programs as they flow through the DMC delivery methodology. As Director of Program Management at Blox, his primary role is to collaborate with both internal and external teams to ensure the successful delivery of buildings as products. Walker is no stranger to managing high-pressure situations, having served as an ODA Operator with the US Army special forces for 8 years. He has an undergraduate degree from Washington and Lee University and a Master’s degree in Building Science from Auburn.

Walker Thuston, Director of Program Management

Emphasizing teamwork and collective success, Clete oversees all HR functions, providing valuable coaching and mentoring support at Blox. He plays a vital part in optimizing our human resources strategies for continued growth and success, with more than 15 years of HR leadership and an extensive background in labor and employment law. Clete fosters a positive and productive work environment, ensuring the well-being and development of our team. Most recently, he was the EVP of HR for Serta Simmons Bedding, the nation’s largest manufacturer of mattresses with 26 plants and over 7,000 employees.

Clete McGinty, CHRO
Operations Management

As an experienced operations leader, Lee Hargreave drives production across all programs at Blox. He has spent more than 16 years in manufacturing operations management for companies like CRH and Amazon, including 8 years in modular construction operations management. Lee brings a diverse knowledge base to Blox, having worked in manufacturing with materials ranging from injection-molded plastics to precast concrete. He is driven by his guiding principles of hard work, honesty, transparency, and accountability. Prior to entering the world of construction manufacturing, Lee was a certified high school history teacher.

Rob Caputo, Director of Construction
Director of Program Operations

Drawing upon nearly two decades of design-build experience, Corinne leads DMC Integration. She has worked across the US for modular and prefab builders, helping bring a love for simplicity and design to the construction industry. Fueled by her love of manufacturing and passion to build a better industry, Corinne leads a team that integrates DMC Ecosystem Partners and drives processes that unleash the potential of the built environment. She has a degree in Architectural Engineering and Construction Management from Penn State, as well as an MBA from the Wharton School. 

Duncan McMillan, Director of Supply Chain
Senior Manufacturing Engineer

As a highly-respected leader on our manufacturing team, Drew optimizes processes, ensuring efficiency, quality, and safety. Through his technical expertise, he excels in lean manufacturing, process improvement, and cross-functional team management within the DMC ecosystem. Before joining Blox, Drew gained invaluable experience at Mercedes Benz and BMW Manufacturing, managing research, development, continuous improvement, and supplier relations. He attended the University of Alabama, where he not only played college football (winning national championship), but he also received a multidisciplinary education (BSME, MSME, and MBA) that fostered his comprehensive understanding of engineering and business intricacies.

GA Studio

Blox GA Studio building exterior
Blox clinic exterior
Blox Birmingham Intermodal airport

GA Studio is an architectural and design firm based in Birmingham, Alabama that has been providing high-quality services to clients since 1966. With a team of skilled architects, interior designers, and project managers, GA Studio has established itself as a leader in the industry. The firm takes pride in its ability to deliver personalized solutions to its clients, whether it's designing a new building or renovating an existing space.

Over the years, GA Studio has worked on a variety of projects ranging from healthcare and education to commercial and residential developments. The firm has been recognized for its outstanding work with numerous awards and accolades. GA Studio is committed to creating innovative and sustainable designs that are not only visually appealing but also functional and practical. Through its collaborative approach, GA Studio ensures that every project is a success, meeting the needs and expectations of clients. The firm's attention to detail and commitment to quality has earned it a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected architectural firms in Alabama. GA Studio was the incubator that developed DMC and ultimately gave birth to Blox, applying design thinking to all aspects of the building delivery process.


Inside the Blox facility, aerial shot of production line

Our manufacturing facility is located in Bessemer, Alabama, which is part of the greater Birmingham area. Bessemer was once a powerful center of industry, producing iron, steel, and railcars for most of the 20th century. Over the last 50 years, it’s had its share of challenges following the exodus of US manufacturing, but today it’s a community that’s redefining itself. We were proud to be a part of that redevelopment story when we began operations at the former Pullman Standard plant in 2013. Since then, we’ve expanded rapidly and invested heavily in our community. Long gone are the lines that once produced railcars. Now, they’re replaced with modern manufacturing lines that inputs raw materials at one end and produces fully finished components of a hospital on the other end. Today, Blox headquarters spans more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space across our 50-acre campus. Our team of more than 600 people operates multiple manufacturing lines, allowing us to deliver healthcare buildings at scale for clients across the United States.