Buildings As Products

In 10 years, all of our best-in-class buildings are expected to be delivered as products via the design manufacture construct method, not merely because it's possible, but because it's the optimal approach. Products can deliver more with less when they are beautifully arranged and meticulously designed. Consider an iPhone: it operates seamlessly because of its well-defined system and rules for third-party integration. Buildings as products will follow this model, with tens of thousands of hours dedicated to their development, ensuring operational and functional excellence. This method allows for the creation of headwalls, bathrooms, hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, and primary care clinics that are powerful, customizable, and consistent in value and usability, embodying the principle of doing more with less.


In 10 years, all of our best in class buildings are gonna be delivered as products. Not because it's the only way to do it. 'cause it's the best way to do it. Products can deliver more with less when they're beautifully arranged. Think of this iPhone. It's a product. It's an unbelievable product. It has an operating system that says how it works. There are a set of rules for third party developers that say how they will act with it. It has apps that can be customized to me to do what I need to do, or for you. That's a product. It's powerful. So if I made this product different every time, it would lose its value. If many people didn't understand how to use it, it would lose its value. This is the, the doing more with less, right? So when we create a product and it's a building that it is going to be operationally beautiful, it is going to be functionally beautiful because we are going to put tens of thousands of hours into figuring this out instead of hundreds of hours to figure out each one, each time. Now imagine that we're making hospitals this way. Imagine that we're making freestanding emergency departments, that we're making primary care clinics as products. Every one of those gets tens of thousands of, of thought hours that are put into it, and then it can be deployed multiple times. So what we're doing is building an ecosystem to hold a product so that we can do more with less.