Everything starts with design – it is the foundation of DMC and BLOX’s mother tongue. BLOX was created by the architects at GA Studio, who for fifty years, have designed elegant solutions to complex problems. Today, BLOX and the architecture firm that invented them, work side-by-side in the factory designing beautiful buildings and manufacturing the solutions that make them real.

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Using manufacturing productivity to improve quality, speed and cost of buildings is an obvious strategy – it is a hard one to implement. From a simple start in our friend’s garage in 2009, BLOX has grown up; today our plant in Birmingham has over a million square feet of production space under crane and an onsite intermodal that connects us to every rail, truck and port in North America. Our capacity allows us to grow with our clients and our proximity to the adjacent automotive manufacturing infrastructure serving Honda, Mercedes and Hyundai provides a mature skilled workforce. Today BLOX runs twelve manufacturing lines and produces the BLOX System of nested parts used to make better buildings faster.

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DMC takes a critical mass of a building and manufactures it in a factory – the result is a less congested job site and with that, an opportunity to improve traditional work flows. A BLOX job site works to be an extension of our manufacturing flow – our field work is organized around standard work packages, standard containerized tools and flat-packed kit-of-parts. A BLOX construction team is a cross-functional team of architects, manufacturers and tradesmen trained to operate like a Formula One pit crew.

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