Building Deconstructed.

Creating an industry without silos.

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What we do

More with less, beautifully.

We are reinventing how healthcare buildings are designed, manufactured and constructed. Our focus is doubling the quality of buildings, delivering them twice as fast and supercharging their value. We're the go-to for major healthcare providers scaling their operations, with our versatile platform serving diverse clients nationwide.

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The world’s largest manufacturer of healthcare buildings.

Since 2014, we’ve designed, manufactured, and constructed tens of thousands of standard modules and hundreds of healthcare buildings across the United States.  

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Who we do it for

HCA. Encompass Health. UHS. Walmart Health.

Meet our partners. The largest provider of inpatient rehabilitative healthcare, the largest for-profit healthcare provider in the world, the largest behavioral health provider in the world, and the largest company in the world. All are committed to improving quality, sustainability and speed to market, while adding value to their enterprises. Together we are changing what is possible.

How we do it

We invented a whole new method.

Our building delivery system, Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) helps us do more with less. DMC allows designers to leverage manufacturing to simplify construction, resulting in better buildings delivered faster with less waste.

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Who we are

687 ridiculously smart people and growing.

We are architects, designers, building engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, software engineers, supply chain experts, logisticians, developers, craftspeople, operators and contractors. All united around one purpose, organized under one roof, speaking one language, sharing one system, working together to build an industry without silos.

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Why we do it

We are driven to make things better.

We know healthcare needs to be more affordable and accessible. The need to reduce our carbon footprint is obvious. The bold action needed to make this happen invigorates us. The necessary intellectual rigor makes us stronger. Creating a smarter industry is worth the relentlessness required to make it happen.

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