Chris Giattina Named One of the Magic City's Most Influential Executives for 2023

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11 Jan 2022
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Meet the Birmingham Power 60: The Magic City's most influential executives for 2023

July 24, 2023
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Leadership has the ability to take a company to new heights.

It can take a community to new places as well.

Growth and opportunities abound in Birmingham's businesses and throughout the community.

Leadership pushed us through the pandemic. It helps bring new companies to the metro area despite economic uncertainty. It also helps boost quality of life for employees and residents.

In this annual feature, the BBJ highlights the dealmakers, powerbrokers and top executives that are shaping our community. Many of the leaders selected for this list have an impact that stretches far beyond their company or their industry.

Some are on the list due to their key roles at major employers or with key communities assets that greatly affect our region and its economy.

Others are on the list due to their track record of influence in the community or their emerging importance in the community.

All are influencing Birmingham’s economy in their own way and are people you should know if you are aiming to do business in the Magic City.

Power 60 2023: Birmingham's most influential executives

Chris Giattina, BLOX

Giattina heads up the metro area's largest architecture firm and a fast-growing enterprise. He is also focused on rejuvenating Bessemer and boosting its affordability.


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