Fast Company features Bessemer and Blox employees

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11 Jan 2022
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Blox employees featured in Portraits of the American Worker series by Fast Company

By Blox Staff
Photo credit: Fast Company

In a recent feature seeking to capture the essence of the American worker in the modern industrial age,  Fast Company spotlights the industrial heart of Blox's hometown, Bessemer, Alabama, depicting it as a microcosm of the modern American workforce. This series delves into the lives and challenges faced by workers in this industrial town, highlighting their resilience and determination amidst economic and social upheavals.

The Fast Company article delves into the lives of Bessemer’s workforce, analyzing the complexity of a traditional manufacturing town against the evolution of America's economic system, as it largely moves away from manufacturing and toward more serviced-based economy.

The design manufacture construct (DMC) process, however, cuts against that national narrative. As a modular healthcare construction provider, Blox leverages the tools of manufacturing to streamline the construction process, building everything from freestanding emergency departments to prefabricated bathroom modules. In addition, Blox stresses hiring from the local talent pool to fill the manufacturing jobs that make up the bulk of its workforce in Bessemer – where it teaches and equips workers to perform a wide range of skilled tasks.

Rread the full article on Fast Company.

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