Chris Giattina

CEO for BLOX and GA Studio

“Einstein’s maxim – everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler – encapsulates my world view. I am an architect, manufacturer and contractor and I think everything can be better. For twenty years, I’ve lead GA Studio – a generalist architectural firm known for progressive design and an ability to elegantly solve hard problems. While designing training facilities for Honda and Kia in the early 2000s, I was introduced to eastern manufacturing methods that I imagined could be used to transform the way we do architecture and construction. From here, our team developed an open-source project delivery process called Design Manufacture Construct (DMC). The process teaches architects how to leverage manufacturing to make construction simple. Because we couldn’t find manufacturers interested in our work, we created our own, BLOX. It’s organized around the principals of DMC and today we work with the largest healthcare systems across the country designing, manufacturing and constructing complex buildings. Changing an industry is intense but I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Chris has degrees from Georgia Tech and the University of Pennsylvania, he spent five years teaching thesis studio at Auburn’s Urban Studio and regularly lectures across the country on topics related to DMC.

Laura Donald


“After working 10 years in the AEC industry, I was convinced there was a better way to achieve a project’s highest potential value for the owner, our community and the environment. With first-hand knowledge of the struggles faced in traditional construction, our team developed DMC (Design Manufacture Construct) as an alternative delivery methodology to leverage manufacturing efficiencies. Today, we have a diverse, vertically-integrated team providing comprehensive design, advanced manufacturing and construction services. Our work is challenging and rewarding. We’ve assembled a great team with fabulous clients and we have fun conquering the challenges of changing an industry together.”

Laura is a licensed architect, manufacturer and general contractor. She received her Architectural degree from Auburn University. After a brief role as the Executive Director of a non-profit focused on affordable architectural solutions for communities in need, she joined GA Studio Architecture where she is currently a Vice-President. In 2010, she became an owner and founding member of BLOX where she has served as COO of the manufacturing operations.

Fouad Khalil

Director of Design

“I’ve worked and lived all over and as a designer I count myself as very fortunate. I’ve been able to work on all sorts of projects, from the redevelopment of the London docklands to a university library in Sweden to the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Working on projects in different parts of the world has really helped me focus on my craft. It has deepened my appreciation of architecture, but it has also made me realize that we can do better. I’m at BLOX because I believe it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change an entire industry for the better.”

Fouad earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University and was a GA Studio Intern during his fourth year of school. After graduating in 2000, worked in London and Richmond, Virginia. In 2007 he re-joined GA Studio and led the first modular proof-of-concept project which was completed in 2011. In 2012 he took advantage of an opportunity to live and work in Sweden, serving as Creative Director for a multinational architecture firm there. He rejoined BLOX in 2017.

David Austin

VP of Design

“I returned to Alabama from New York in 2007 and chose to work with GA Studio because of their reputation for strong design, their rigorous approach to problem solving, their engagement in the means and methods of construction and their commitment to achieving the potential of every project without regard to the project’s scale or budget. GA has clarity in their mission, which is to strengthen the client, to enhance the community and to advance the profession in every working choice. Few firms empower their teams with as noble a mission expressed with such lucidity. The result is manifest in the work.

I love working at BLOX as an extension of that same mission. The Design Manufacture Construct program puts us in unique alignment with our clients’ needs and values, while improving our ability as designers to define and achieve a project’s potential. Each day at work, we are actively participating in nothing less than a revolutionary overhaul of the AEC industry. That is invigorating stuff!”

David joined GA Studio in 2007. He was previously employed with Anderson Architects and Rafael Vinoly Architects, New York. David is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Architecture. He holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

Errol Wint

Director of Manufacturing

“Throughout my career, I have learned that success is a combination of my personal effort, the contributions of my community, and the commitment of my team to help each other. Continuing to increase my value through knowledge and experience at Ford Motor Company and Caterpillar Inc. has lead me to BLOX, where the community and the team is transforming the construction industry.

My cross functional operating expertise in manufacturing, organization development, and operation execution contribute to the Design Manufacture Construct model.

Errol holds an Mechanical Engineering degree from New York Institute of Technology and a Masters from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Chris Greene

General Superintendent

“Modern civilization simply would not exist without the collaborative efforts of the designer and the builder. My career has given me the opportunity to work in a wide spectrum of arenas, disciplines, and scope. As a builder, I enjoy having made a small contribution to modern civilization.

It has been my personal belief that diversity in one’s skillset, and mindset allows for greater opportunity to present itself and establishes the capacity and preparation to engage it successfully. This belief has enabled me to confidently accept the challenges of the abstract, the unknown, or the unsure. These are the opportunities that inadvertently require one to study, contemplate, develop, implement, and execute in order to be successful. I find great personal reward in that environment, and BLOX appreciates that perspective.

BLOX is the culmination and pinnacle of the mindset in concept and philosophy. BLOX allows for the application of the skillset with encouragement, enthusiasm, and support. And most importantly to me, BLOX facilitates productive, professional relationships that ultimately result in a successful team effort through the DMC process.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to play a part in this revolutionary process.”

Chris has 30 years of experience in the construction industry providing service to various clients including the US Army Corp of Engineers, US Air Force, US National Parks Service, Medical Industry, Financial Industry, Retail and Big Box, Industrial systems, and University Research facilities providing oversight of vertical construction, modernization, and environmental services.